Amanda thought it was funny...

Hey! So we heard you were interested in volunteering this spring break! We think this is pretty awesome because as much as we love couch potatoes (let the food jokes begin!) we’re certain that Missoula, Montana, is going to be an unbelievable service trip.

Firstly, our names are Frank and Amanda and we’re thrilled you’re checking out our blog. If you’d like to know more about us and our service site, The Montana Food Bank, check out the links to your right! We’d also love to hear any questions, concerns, or even more clever food jokes you have for us, so feel free to “chip in” (lolzlolz) by commenting below.

Right now we’re in the beginning stages of trip planning and are familiarizing ourselves with all the wonderful gems Montana has to offer. We’ll use this blog to update you about the awesome things we find along the way. ASB 2012 here we come!

If you’d like to reach us, shoot us an e-mail at


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