Meet Your Coordinators!

What’s good ASB’ers?! I’m Amanda Crawford-Staub and I’m super excited to be planning the ASB trip to Missoula this year! To get all of the small talk topics out of the way I’m a sophomore studying International Relations who has a huge love for Africa and wants to work in a non-profit related field one day. I love to run, adore song mash ups, and have a slight weird obsession with brushing my teeth. I’m all about laughing and traveling which I know there will be a ton of on our ASB trip. Get pumped! Can’t wait to meet you all!






Hey honey bunches! I’m Frank Macri, and I can’t begin to express how titillated I am for spring break! I hail from Long Island, New York, and am now a junior studying Psychology and Public Relations. This will be my third year going on an ASB trip, following my past trips to Tulsa and Philadelphia. Clearly, I just can’t get enough ASB. When I’m not thinking about Montana, I’m either tweeting the absurdity of the world (@kudosforfrank!), working out with my Shake Weight, or memorizing a Nicki Minaj rap. Gushers and frozen blueberries are the way to my heart. On that note, I hope you join us on our trip to Missoula this March; it’s going to be wild ride.

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