Panda Express Knows All

So, I got this fortune from Panda Express this weekend:

I think we can all agree that the “vacation” it’s referring to is ASB MISSOULA! If Panda Express is looking out for us, you know we’re gonna have a good trip.


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We'll be climbing that. Nbd.


YOU DID IT! You survived the ASB-pocalypse and nailed a spot on the best ASB trip there is. Thank you for being so patient today. We promise you – it’s gonna be so worth it.

On that note, we can’t wait to meet you and your fellow #missouligans. Literally though. Feel free to Facebook us (Frank Macri & Amanda Crawford-Staub) or stop by to say hello at our office hours (Wednesdays 1pm, 4th floor GSU).

In the meantime, start bragging to all your friends about what an awesome spring break you’re gonna have. We’ll be in touch with all of you in the next couple weeks, so check those e-mails!

Let the Montana takeover begin.

Peace & Missoulove,

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What’s good Missouligans?! We’re more excited than ever to be back on campus and doing WORK to make sure the ASB Missoula is enough to make all your friends jealous. Want to find out more about Missoula? There’s an ASB Info Fair TONIGHT from 8-10pm in the GSU Back Court. We’ve been told we have the best poster… just sayin’.

Additionally, registration is THIS SUNDAY at 8:00am. So set those alarms to make sure you wake up early (or if you’re like Frank, just don’t sleep the night before.) You’ll be able to find the link for the registration site at bu.edu/csc!

If you have any questions about the trip, registration process, or anything ASB, email us at buasb.missoula@gmail.com.

Peace & Missoulove,

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You Know You’re From Montana When…

Found some of these online and thought we’d share them with you! Here are some of the popular answers shared by Montana locals:
  • The rodeo is the social event of the year.
  • The pickup trucks all have two rifles and two big dogs.
  • People you don’t know smile and say, “Howdy.”
  • Bumper stickers are about guns, horses or chewing tobacco.
  • When the car in front of you is weaving, you suspect a farmer instead of a drunk.
  • You can write a check at McDonald’s for two Big Macs and fries.
  • The most effective mosquito repellent is a shotgun.
  • You think nothing of an elk, buffalo, moose, or other wildlife wandering through town.
  • The wind is faster than your truck.
  • You leave your keys in the car and the next morning it’s still there.
  • The elevation exceeds the population.
  • You can see the stars at night.
  • You know which leaves make good toilet paper.
Who needs Cancun when you have MONTANA? But in all honesty, we hope this didn’t scare you away…


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Learn Montanese!

That’s right. Montanans are so cool they have their own language. Here’s some of the slang you might want to learn before you take on the Missoulians.

A Better-Than-Sex Cake. Maybe it does live up to the name...

  • Ditch: Means “with water.” If you order a “soda ditch,” you’ll get a soda with water!
  • Radar Range: Microwave
  • Montana Shoeshine: What you get when you step in a pile of cow s**t. Lovely!
  • Spendy: Expensive or pricey
  • Better-Than-Sex Cake: A favorite home-made dessert recipe in Montana, which largely consists of chocolate, toffee, hot fudge, condensed milk, and whipped cream.
  • That’ll Ride’em: That will work
  • Two-Bits: 25 cents or $25
  • Weasels: Another word for M&M candies. (“Can I have weasels with my ice cream?”)


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But, like, where is Missoula?

Good question. The two of us couldn’t even find Montana on the map at first (true story). Well, here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for:

And there ya go!

We are one of the few flying trips, so we will be taking a plane from Boston Logan Airport to Missoula International Airport. Upon our arrival, we’ll be getting a van that we can drive wherever we want!


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Hey biddies & bros!

We’re excited to announce that the hashtag of the trip is… (drumroll)


That’s Missoula (where we’re going) + Hooligans (us!).

We’d love to have everyone on board to live-tweet our entire week of chaos, so get those fingers ready to send out some lovely tweets! For those of you who have not yet discovered the pure beauty that is Twitter, sign up now (before we kindly force you to).

Kudos the the last year’s Missoula trip for coming up with the hashtag. We thought it’d be fitting to keep the Twitter legacy alive!


We’re open to using other hashtag suggestions, so let us know if you have any other ideas! In the meantime, #tweeton.

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Happy birthday to the best co-co I could ask for! I hope you like the cake I got you. Mwah 😀


By the way, registration is on January 29th at 8am, which is only 44 days away!! Check out the Facebook event for more info!
We hope you all kick butt on finals and have a wonderful holiday. Expect lots of posts over the break!

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Thanksgiving Shenanz

ASB friends! Filled with mashed potatoes, corn, turkey, vegan stuffing, grandmas and naps, ASB Missoula is definitely a fan of Thanksgiving. How could it get any butter? Oh stop me, we’re on a roll. We hope your Thanksgiving was filled with lots of food and love. Here’s a little more about each of ours…

Amanda: Thanksgiving with the Crawford-Staubs was great this year! After my grandmother picked me up, she checked me for new piercings and brought me home just in time to see my little brother lose one of his front teeth (adorable?!). The dinner table was full of delicious food, ugly family sweaters, and a surprisingly minimal amount of awkward small talk about what I do at school. Everything was excellent, except for when I accidentally sat on my grandmother’s cat.

Frank: Gobble gobble baby dolls. For me, Thanksgiving is merely preparation for the true holiday of the break: Black Friday. After watching the flawlessness that was A Very Gaga Thanksgiving special, I hit up the outlets for some midnight shopping madness. After crying about how much I spent, I went back home to find out that there were no working bathrooms in my house. I had a wonderful time taking care of my business in my backyard overlooking the highway. #99percentproblems

Although our holidays were gravy, we’ve definitely both been reminded of how lucky we are to celebrate with family over great meals that some aren’t lucky enough to have. With that in mind we’re more pumped than ever to work with the Montana Food Bank in March to help tackle Missoula’s hunger problems.

Here are some Montana fun facts!

  • Montana has the largest grizzly bear population in the lower 48 states!
  • Montana is nicknamed the Treasure State.
  • The density of the state is only SIX people per square mile.
  • Montana’s name came from the Spanish word for mountain.
  • In Montana, the elk, deer and antelope populations outnumber the humans.


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Open Our Fridge!

Check out our board square! Our office hours are Wednesdays from 4-5pm in the CSC (GSU 4th Floor). If you have any questions about our trip or just want to say hi, come visit 🙂


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