Learn Montanese!

That’s right. Montanans are so cool they have their own language. Here’s some of the slang you might want to learn before you take on the Missoulians.

A Better-Than-Sex Cake. Maybe it does live up to the name...

  • Ditch: Means “with water.” If you order a “soda ditch,” you’ll get a soda with water!
  • Radar Range: Microwave
  • Montana Shoeshine: What you get when you step in a pile of cow s**t. Lovely!
  • Spendy: Expensive or pricey
  • Better-Than-Sex Cake: A favorite home-made dessert recipe in Montana, which largely consists of chocolate, toffee, hot fudge, condensed milk, and whipped cream.
  • That’ll Ride’em: That will work
  • Two-Bits: 25 cents or $25
  • Weasels: Another word for M&M candies. (“Can I have weasels with my ice cream?”)


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