Thanksgiving Shenanz

ASB friends! Filled with mashed potatoes, corn, turkey, vegan stuffing, grandmas and naps, ASB Missoula is definitely a fan of Thanksgiving. How could it get any butter? Oh stop me, we’re on a roll. We hope your Thanksgiving was filled with lots of food and love. Here’s a little more about each of ours…

Amanda: Thanksgiving with the Crawford-Staubs was great this year! After my grandmother picked me up, she checked me for new piercings and brought me home just in time to see my little brother lose one of his front teeth (adorable?!). The dinner table was full of delicious food, ugly family sweaters, and a surprisingly minimal amount of awkward small talk about what I do at school. Everything was excellent, except for when I accidentally sat on my grandmother’s cat.

Frank: Gobble gobble baby dolls. For me, Thanksgiving is merely preparation for the true holiday of the break: Black Friday. After watching the flawlessness that was A Very Gaga Thanksgiving special, I hit up the outlets for some midnight shopping madness. After crying about how much I spent, I went back home to find out that there were no working bathrooms in my house. I had a wonderful time taking care of my business in my backyard overlooking the highway. #99percentproblems

Although our holidays were gravy, we’ve definitely both been reminded of how lucky we are to celebrate with family over great meals that some aren’t lucky enough to have. With that in mind we’re more pumped than ever to work with the Montana Food Bank in March to help tackle Missoula’s hunger problems.

Here are some Montana fun facts!

  • Montana has the largest grizzly bear population in the lower 48 states!
  • Montana is nicknamed the Treasure State.
  • The density of the state is only SIX people per square mile.
  • Montana’s name came from the Spanish word for mountain.
  • In Montana, the elk, deer and antelope populations outnumber the humans.


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